Cannabis store application decisions begin today in Calgary

CALGARY – The City will begin making decisions this week on the 261 active cannabis store development permit applications it has received.

"The business community is very interested in developing cannabis stores in Calgary to sell recreational cannabis" said Brandy MacInnis, Senior Special Projects Officer at The City of Calgary.

Cannabis store applications are reviewed for compliance with The Land Use Bylaw rules (including various separation distances), concentration of stores in any one neighbourhood, whether the location meets the separation distance requirements of the provincial regulation, comments from citizens, and the overall compatibility with the community in which it is proposed.

"Every application is reviewed based on planning merit," said MacInnis. "This is not a new process that's been created for this use, it's the standard business practice used to review all of our development permits."

Once a cannabis store application has been approved, there is a 21-day appeal period, starting when the decision is advertised, in which the Community Association or other affected parties can appeal The City’s decision. Appeals are submitted through the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board.

"If no appeals are filed, the location would then obtain building permits to make physical improvements to their stores, followed by business licencing," said MacInnis.

The City cautions that even if businesses are ready to open their doors prior to legalization, conditions on business licences will not permit operation of a cannabis store prior to 10 a.m. on October 17, 2018.


Application updates

Updates for the media on the number of cannabis store applications reviewed (approved, refused, pending decision) will be available at noon on Tuesdays and Thursdays, starting July 31, 2018. Media are asked to contact media relations at to request updates. Additional information:

  • Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (SDAB): The SDAB hears appeals regarding decisions made by The City of Calgary subdivision and development authorities and renders decisions based on the evidence presented.
  • Cannabis store map: This map provides a visual representation of some, but not all, of the set-backs required in the LUB and Provincial Regulations for Cannabis Stores as well as active application locations.
  • Cannabis Store Business Guide: This online guide walks applicants through the process to understand the requirements associated with starting a cannabis store business.
  • Cannabis Business FAQ: This guide walks potential applicants or other interested parties through commonly asked questions about starting a cannabis business in Calgary.
  • Planning & Development Map: map tool that provides information about all Redesignation Applications and Development Permit Applications in Calgary.