Calgary’s electric vehicle drivers get a boost with 42 new downtown charging stations

With charging infrastructure being one of the top barriers to electric vehicle (EV) adoption, The City of Calgary and Calgary Parking Authority are pleased to announce the installation of 42 new EV charging stations in three downtown Calgary Parking Authority locations: Convention Centre Parkade, McDougall Parkade and City Hall Parkade.

“We’re excited to offer this service to our customers driving downtown in electric vehicles,” said Glen Furtado, General Manager of the Calgary Parking Authority. “With dedicated parking stalls equipped with Level II charging stations, Calgarians can charge while they work.”

The new charging stations are being installed at no cost to taxpayers thanks to the Tesla Charging Infrastructure Municipal Grant. Those who use the charging stations will only have to pay the regular rate for parking. Along with six pre-existing Level II stations, 48 CPA charging stations are now available for all plug-in EV models, with both Tesla-specific and universal plugs placed in six locations throughout the downtown core. These stalls are currently reserved for EV-use.

“As part of Calgary’s Climate Resilience Strategy, it was determined that electric vehicles represent the single largest opportunity to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution from transportation,” said Eric MacNaughton, Senior Transportation Engineer with The City of Calgary. “With exponential growth of electric vehicle adoption expected, these new charging stations are one way we can make sure Calgary is ready for the future of transportation.”

The City is working with other levels of government, utilities and neighboring municipalities to ensure Calgary is ready for the anticipated adoption of EVs. With the introduction of initiatives like the Peaks to Prairies EV Charging Network, declining EV purchase costs and new federal rebates coming available, EV ownership is becoming more of a reality for Calgarians. The City of Calgary’s Electric Vehicle Strategy can be viewed on

Further information about the CPA’s 48 Electric Charging Stations, including locations, monthly contracts and frequently asked questions, is available at