Calgary Transit’s RouteAhead continues keeping Calgarians moving

Recently, City Council approved RouteAhead: a 30-year strategic plan for transit in Calgary, which outlines direction for both enhanced transit operations and capital investment to ensure Calgary Transit provides continued value to Calgarians. RouteAhead, approved July 4th, works as an enabling strategy to achieve the goals of the Calgary Transportation Plan and Municipal Development Plan.

First introduced to Calgarians in 2013, RouteAhead was created with a built-in review process to take place every 10 years. This was done to ensure the plan is keeping us on track as our city continues growing. “This is an investment over time and we need to catch up with our infrastructure, our buses, our hiring, to go along with that frequency increase,” said Calgary Transit Director Sharon Fleming. The plan highlights necessary resourcing to build the Primary Transit Network, and also improvements to the customer experience for easy access to jobs, schools, appointments and activities.  

The Primary Transit Network is an approach to delivering service that will connect major corridors and activity centres throughout the city, with service running every 10 minutes or better, at least 15 hours a day, seven days a week. Implementation of RouteAhead will lead to a faster, more frequent and reliable citywide transit network, improved customer experience and more transportation choices for Calgarians, which are in line with achieving a resilient Calgary. “The city we want to build and that we are building is socially, environmentally and economically resilient and transit is a key way to achieving our resilience goals,” said Calgary Transit’s Executive Advisor Jordan Zukowski.

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