Calgary Transit approaches pre-pandemic ridership levels, focuses on service expansion

Calgary Transit is thrilled to announce that, as of September 2023, ridership levels have surged beyond expectations, standing at more than 92 per cent of pre-pandemic ridership. The CTrain network, in particular, has fully rebounded, boasting a remarkable 100 per cent ridership recovery. September alone had nearly 14 million individual boardings on all transit vehicles, marking a 30 per cent increase compared to the same period in the previous year. Furthermore, preliminary data from October shows that bus ridership is on par with October 2019 figures.

“Our CTrain network now operates at 100 per cent of 2019 service levels on weekdays, and a remarkable 138 per cent on weekends. This aligns with trends seen in other Canadian cities,” says Sharon Fleming, Director of Calgary Transit. "As of September, the Red Line operates at service intervals of 10 minutes or better between approximately 5 a.m. and 9 p.m. daily, achieving Primary Transit Network service targets — a significant milestone in our transit service recovery."

The Blue Line has also seen notable improvements, operating at a 13-minute frequency on weekends, a substantial enhancement from its 2019 performance. Calgary Transit's ambitious plans include increasing resources throughout 2024 with the goal of matching the Blue Line's service level to that of the Red Line. It is also on track to meet its target of hiring 800 new bus drivers by the end of 2023.

While revenue levels remain lower than prior to the pandemic, fare revenues for September 2023 were 82 per cent of September 2019 figures. This continues a steady climb in monthly revenue, and shows a higher revenue increase than transit agencies in other Canadian cities.  

As Calgary Transit continues to gain resources, it will follow the guidance of RouteAhead, focusing on enhancing the Primary Transit Network and local routes. Innovative tools like On Demand Service will be utilized to extend coverage to new communities.

Sharon Fleming emphasized the dedication of Calgary Transit, saying: "We remain committed to optimizing our transit services, even amid challenges, to deliver the best possible service we can to every community."