Calgary, AB,

Calgary Police unveil new Mobile Community Outreach Police Station (MCOPS)

A mobile police station has hit the streets of downtown Calgary in an effort to increase accessibility, community engagement and public safety, while reducing social disorder.

The new Mobile Community Outreach Police Station (MCOPS) is a mobile reporting station that can be deployed anywhere in the city based on the needs of our community. MCOPS will be located throughout the city centre, and will be operational Monday to Thursday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

In December 2017 and January 2018, District 1 undertook a pilot project utilizing existing resources, such as the Mobile Command Vehicle (MCV) and Checkstop bus, to provide a high-visibility policing presence in the core. The aim was to deploy resources to areas of identified need to address issues of social disorder and public safety, while providing the public an opportunity to engage with officers and ask questions. The pilot project demonstrated success in reducing calls for service by 40 per cent in the immediate area. However, neither the MCV nor Checkstop vehicles were equipped to take reports from members of the public, which was a publicly requested service.

MCOPS also allows for flexible deployment, such as during large events, and will be reflective of the needs of the city at any given time. The locations of where MCOPS is deployed will be shared through the Calgary Police Service social media channels, Facebook and Twitter.

“We heard loud and clear from the downtown communities that a highly-visible policing presence is very important to them, and our statistics reflect this need. We also recognized the restrictions bricks-and-mortar buildings have in relation to being responsive to changing needs and crime trends. We have found an innovative solution that pairs highly-visible and community responsive policing with operational and fiscal efficiencies,” says Staff Sgt. Shawn Wallace.

The Calgary Police Service continues to seek new and innovative ways to address community concerns in a fiscally responsible manner.