Calgary, AB,

Calgary Police Service partners with Mac’s Convenience Stores to recognize positive youth behavior

Whether it is as simple as helping out a younger student or, for some, attending all classes for a whole week – Calgary police members now have a tasty way to recognize the youth they see every day, behaving positively.

The Positive Ticketing program is a partnership between the Calgary Police Service and Mac’s Convenience Stores that provides youth with complimentary tickets redeemable for hot or cold beverages.

“We’re very proud to have partnered with Mac’s on the Positive Ticketing program,” said A/Sergeant Andrew Critchley with the CPS Crime Prevention Team. “This is a great opportunity for officers to recognize positive behaviour and build relationships with youth in our community, which is the cornerstone of community policing.”

"We are very pleased to have partnered with CPS and to have the opportunity to see a positive impact in our community by rewarding youth recognized by police,” said Sherry Coey, Security and Loss Prevention Manager with Mac’s Convenience Stores.

The Calgary Police Service strives to reduce crime in our community by working with community partners to develop comprehensive strategies to address education, prevention, early intervention, treatment and enforcement. The Positive Ticketing program supports community policing by providing an opportunity to have a conversation with youth and to reinforce a positive interaction between them and police.

Youth are provided with tickets for hot beverages during Operation Heat and cold beverages during Operation Freeze in this year-round program. Positive Ticketing began in Ontario and was launched in Calgary roughly 18 months ago. In that time, approximately 2,350 tickets for hot and cold beverages have been redeemed by youth in Calgary.