Calgary, AB,

Calgary Police Service partners with Circle K to launch “Positive Ticketing”

We have partnered with Circle K convenience stores to launch a positive ticketing program for Calgary youth to help recognize and promote constructive behaviour among kids.

Calgary police officers who work with youth within the community, including schools, will hand out “positive tickets” to youth to reward them for positive behaviour.

Starting Monday, Jan. 11, 2021, coinciding with children returning to in-person learning at schools, youth will be rewarded by CPS officers if witnessed following COVID-19 protocols, being kind and upstanding citizens, or helping their community. Once issued, the tickets can be redeemed at a local Circle K convenience store for a free beverage.

Circle K has listed some tips for good behaviour on the back of each positive ticket. The tips include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Always wearing a bike helmet
  • Looking both ways (Stop, Look, Listen) always, before entering an intersection on foot, blading, biking, or skating
  • Always being kind to others and helping out where you can
  • Staying safe and washing your hands
  • Always locking up your bikes, garages, cars and homes

“We are excited to be part of a program that positively impacts the lives of youth,” says Staff Sergeant Ralph Veckenstedt, of the Calgary Police Service Youth Education Unit. “It helps to create a stronger community.”

“Operation Heat” will run throughout the winter season and later change to “Operation Freeze” for the spring and summer months. “Operation Heat” will return in the fall.

The Calgary Police Service would like to thank Circle K for their involvement and participation in this campaign.