Calgary, AB,

Calgary Police Service member charged for unlawfully pointing firearm

The Calgary Police Service has charged an officer following a traffic stop where a firearm was pointed at the driver.

At around 9 p.m., on Tuesday, Oct. 28, 2016, two uniformed officers were driving an unmarked vehicle when one of the officers saw the driver of a nearby vehicle allegedly make a rude gesture toward them. The members conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle during which the driver allegedly stopped and then moved forward a few more car lengths before fully stopping.

It is alleged that one officer then exited the unmarked unit, drew his Service pistol, approached the driver-side window and pointed his firearm at the driver for several seconds. The driver was arrested, then issued a stunting ticket and released.

The driver of the vehicle later made a formal complaint to the Professional Standards Section and the incident was investigated. Following consultation with the Edmonton Crown Prosecutor’s Office, a charge against the officer was recommended.

Adam MASSART, a constable with six years of service, is charged with one count of unlawfully pointing a firearm under Section 87(1) of the Criminal Code.

Constable MASSART’s status and assignment while facing these charges is still being determined.

Details of the incident and charge are being released in the interests of public transparency. The charged officer is afforded the right to a fair trial, the same as any member of the public, and they will receive the appropriate supports from the Service during this court process.