Calgary, AB,

Calgary Police Service launches hate crime awareness campaign

The Calgary Police Service is partnering with Cavalry FC to kick off Report Hate, a campaign to bring awareness to hate crimes and incidents, their impact, and how to report them.

One in three Albertans have experienced hate. Hate impacts more than just the victim; entire communities can be affected by one act of hate. However, we know that hate crimes and incidents often go unreported, and we want to change that. Whether victims or bystanders are unsure of what a hate crime or incident is, or how to report it, Report Hate aims to help educate Calgarians about how and why to report.

Every match day, the world’s most popular sport brings people from all communities together in Calgary to cheer on the Cavalry to victory. On Saturday, Oct. 14, 2023, the Hate Crime Prevention Team will attend the match to spread awareness, meet the fans and continue building community connections to ensure people feel safe in their city.

There is no place for hate, whether on the pitch, or in our community. If you see hate, report it.

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