Calgary, AB,

Calgary police relaunch app with added supports for diverse communities

Connect Line, a web-based app has been relaunched with added supports to help those affected by domestic abuse and violence. The app connects people with the supports they need to protect their safety, stop abuse and start working towards having healthier relationships.

“We originally launched Connect Line in September 2019 as a resource for our officers to be able to quickly find and connect community members with the resources they need to be safe,” said Staff Sergeant Vince Hancott with the Calgary Police Service Domestic Conflict Unit. “Since its launch, we discovered there was an opportunity to expand the app’s scope to include resources specifically for the Indigenous community, as well as gender and sexually diverse communities, the disabled community, and Calgary’s culturally diverse communities. We recognize that members of these communities may face additional challenges in finding appropriate supports.”

The Service engaged with these communities and resource partners in order to select the most relevant resources to be featured in the app.

“Supports, such as counseling, financial assistance, education among others are available, but it can be challenging to navigate which agencies to contact,” added Staff Sergeant Hancott. “Connect Line organizes supports into 17 categories to make it easier to find the most relevant resources.”

Also included in the app is information on domestic abuse, the laws that apply and how to plan for safety when dealing with domestic violence.

“We have made the app available to all our officers to help community members that may be impacted by domestic abuse,” continued Staff Sergeant Hancott. “Connect Line complements other tools available through our community partners and we wanted to share this resource with the broader community as we recognize that this is also a valuable resource for those supporting people in unhealthy or violent relationships.”

Connect Line is available in all app stores and online at