Court convicts Premium Fire Protection Ltd. on 15 counts

The City of Calgary and the Calgary Fire Department welcomes the decision by the Provincial Court that finds Premium Fire Protection Ltd. guilty in 15 violations against the Fire Code.

"This case underlines the importance of adhering to the Fire Code and ensuring that any work on life safety systems is completed by qualified and certified individuals,” said Deputy Chief Ken Uzeloc. “The Calgary Fire Department is here to protect Calgarians from risk and potential harm.”

The charges followed an intensive investigation by Fire Safety Codes Officers related to the installation of life safety systems by unqualified and uncertified employees. Life safety systems are the front line of detection and suppression from fire and safety incidents. Companies and people providing life safety system services are responsible to comply with all requirements of the Fire Code. These systems include fire alarms, sprinkler systems, special suppression systems and fire extinguishers.

The Court found that Premium failed to ensure that employees performing work on critical life safety equipment were qualified to do so, said City prosecutors Jenna Graham and Leane Lifely. “In doing so, Premium allowed a number of unqualified and uncertified employees to perform work on fire alarms, suppression systems and portable fire extinguishers at several commercial buildings throughout the city," said Graham.

Penalties as a result of these convictions will be determined after a sentencing hearing that will be scheduled for a later date. Under the Safety Codes Act, a fine amount for a first offence can be up to $100,000 and up to a maximum of $500,000 for subsequent offences and/or imprisonment.

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