Calgary Fire Department reminds Calgarians of the fireworks bylaw

The Calgary Fire Department would like to remind citizens that fireworks and pyrotechnics must not be ignited or fired in Calgary except by a trained and certified professional with a fireworks permit. This includes consumer fireworks that have been purchased or ordered outside Calgary.

If you use fireworks or pyrotechnics without a permit you will be in violation of the National Fire Code (Alberta Edition) which can result in fines or charges.

The Calgary Fire Department is the authority in Calgary to approve permits for fireworks, pyrotechnics and movie special effects.​

The purchase, sale or use of consumer or display fireworks without a permit is prohibited under bylaw 55M2014 and may result in enforcement action on the property owner and/or the person or persons discharging fireworks.

Ken Uzeloc, Deputy Chief, Calgary Fire Department says that “we want everyone in Calgary to be safe and this means that we must restrict the use of fireworks in our city. Fireworks require a safe non-combustible area and safety precautions to use responsibly for igniting and the potential fallout. We live in a very dry climate where fires can happen quickly, so the Calgary Fire Department is urging all Calgarians to respect the bylaw and leave fireworks to the professionals.”

In North America, fireworks start over 19,000 reported fires and send over 9,000 people to emergency rooms each year.

To learn more about the fireworks permit process in Calgary, click here.