Calgary, AB,

Auburn Bay Drug Investigation

The RCMP Clandestine Lab Enforcement and Response (CLEAR) Team has been called in by the Calgary Police Service to search a home in Auburn Bay.

Calgary police were called at approximately 6:15 p.m., on Sunday, June 5, 2016, to a home in the 0-100 block of Auburn Terrace S.E. Police were called by the landlord who had located drug paraphernalia and equipment after visiting his property which he thought had been vacated by the tenants.

Large equipment, believed to be used in the manufacturing of drugs, was located inside the home. It is expected to take the CLEAR Team a number of days to search and decontaminate the home.

There is no immediate public safety risk to homes in the surround area at this time.

It will take a number of weeks for the official Health Canada laboratory analysis to confirm which substances were being manufactured.

The investigation continues and no further information is expected to be released until the CLEAR Team search is complete.