Province to send out another test of the National Alert System

Canada’s emergency alerting system, Alert Ready, will be tested again on Wednesday November 28. The test will be distributed at 1:55 p.m. on TV, radio and compatible wireless devices. This system allows critical and potentially life-saving information to be distributed to a wide audience quickly, when every second counts.

The first national test was conducted April 6 and reached 50 per cent of Canadian mobile phones. The intent of these tests is to validate all components of the Alert Ready system before an actual emergency. By running these tests, all Alert Ready partners get important information and feedback that will help improve the system.

Tom Sampson, Chief of the Calgary Emergency Management Agency, says, “This system is a valuable way to reach people who live, work and visit Calgary. Our expectations are to see an increase in the number of devices that are reached, improved event details, and better alert categories so there is more consistent alignment with other provincial systems. In addition to receiving this alert during an emergency, Calgarians will continue to be able to get updates via our social media channels, through the news media and our website, to name just a few.”

No warning system replaces the need for individual, family and community preparedness. All Calgarians are encouraged to have an emergency plan and a 72-hour kit to help you manage until emergency responders can reach you.

The Calgary Emergency Management Agency (CEMA) plans and coordinates emergency response during major emergencies and disasters.