Annual Community Cleanups help Calgarians kick-start spring cleaning

Despite our unpredictable weather, spring cleaning has officially begun! Annually, The City of Calgary partners with community associations and their volunteers to host Community Cleanups to help citizens dispose of unwanted household items and property waste that may not fit in their black carts.

Yearly, Community Cleanups result in the removal of over one million kilograms of waste and organic material. In 2021, the program collected a total of 1,091,058 kg of garbage and organics.

Community Cleanups are open to all Calgarians, regardless of whether they live in the host community. All Community Cleanup events occur on Saturdays and Sundays throughout Calgary until September.

Accepted materials – and what not to bring

· Accepted items include (but are not limited to) furniture (desks, chairs, sofas, old mattresses, etc.), toilets, and recalled or broken recreational products.

· Items like include barbecues, lawnmowers, household chemicals and large appliances can’t be accepted.

Calgarians should check for the full list of accepted and restricted items before heading to a Community Cleanup event.

Community Cleanups help The City of Calgary and Calgarians work together to support ongoing compliance with City bylaws by helping maintain tidy properties and ensuring proper disposal of unwanted household items. For the full schedule and locations of events, visit