A donation of 1000 smoke alarms means hundreds of families are better protected

The Calgary Fire Department accepted a donation of 1000 smoke alarms from Kidde Canada this morning to support its community outreach and alarm installation program. Kidde is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of fire safety products and their donation is valued at approximately $30,000. Calgary is one of two cities in Canada to receive a donation this year.

“The Calgary Fire Department is extremely grateful to receive this generous donation as we see first-hand every day how valuable smoke alarms are. These 1000 smoke alarms mean hundreds of families will have the ability to get out of their homes safely in the event of a fire.” said Deputy Chief Steenaerts. “We want to thank Kidde for their ongoing support and donation to this very important program.”

Since 1996, Calgary firefighters have been visiting homes across the city as part of the Home Safety Program, to share important home safety information, inspect smoke alarms and, when needed, replace batteries and install smoke alarms.

The Home Safety Program installs smoke alarms in the homes of Calgarians that may not have the ability to purchase or install them, including low-income residents, seniors and new Canadians.

“We're thrilled to have this opportunity to recognize the bravery of our first responders and support their continued commitment to keeping our communities safe,” said Stephanie Berzinski, Fire Safety Educator with Kidde. “Everyone deserves to feel safe and protected in their homes, and firefighters are the ones who rush into danger and save lives. Our hope is that this donation from our “Operation Save-a-Life” program helps the Calgary Fire Department keep spreading the message of fire safety and getting more smoke alarms into the homes of those who need them.”

Over 470,000 homes have been visited since the Home Safety Program began, with over 31,000 smoke alarms installed and almost 20,000 batteries replaced. This donation helps the Calgary Fire Department inch closer to having visited a half million homes in Calgary.

To learn more about smoke alarms and how to test and install them, please visit our website.