3 Avenue cycle track to remain in place through 2024

Members of City Council have heard from many Calgarians expressing the importance of the 3 Avenue temporary cycling detour and have advocated for an interim cycling solution to remain in place, while we design permanent cycling infrastructure for this important east-west corridor.

As a result, we will be maintaining an interim cycle track on 3 Avenue S., between 8 Street S.W. and 5 Street S.W. However, it cannot be kept in place east of 5 Street S.W. due to utility work occurring throughout the fall.

Having mobility choices - such as cycling - is important to Calgarians and their quality of life. Council and City Administration are committed to providing safe and accessible cycling infrastructure to Calgarians grounded in the principles of Calgary’s 5A network.

Having this interim cycle track will allow cyclists to connect with north-south cycling facilities and move through the downtown core. It will also allow us to pilot and test options based on lessons learned from the 3 Avenue temporary detour being in place over the past few years and the results of our ongoing survey on lessons learned from the detour. Design for a permanent east-west cycling connection will commence in 2024.

The cycle track between 8 Street S.W. and 5 Street S.W. will be repainted over the coming days to ensure the that the interim cycle track will hold up to the elements over the winter months.

There is a lot going on in Calgary’s downtown. These important city-building projects are being carefully planned to move us toward revitalizing our downtown and make our city more resilient to climate change. Over the coming years our downtown will experience considerable construction and we acknowledge this can and will cause inconvenience and frustration. We appreciate Calgarians' understanding and patience as we make our downtown an even greater place for all to enjoy.