2022 Calgary Aboriginal Urban Affairs Committee Awards

The Calgary Aboriginal Urban Affairs Committee (CAUAC) presents two awards each year that honour the efforts and contributions of a person, group, or organization who has shown leadership and commitment to building bridges between the Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities.

The awards ceremony is organized and hosted by the Calgary Aboriginal Urban Affairs Committee (CAUAC), an advisory committee to Calgary City Council. This year’s ceremony on June 23 was the first time the awards have been held in public in three years.

The Chief David Crowchild Memorial Award and the Youth Achievement Award have been an important celebration of unique and significant contributions to the Indigenous community in Calgary for decades.   

The winners of this years’ awards demonstrate the talent and passion Indigenous leaders are showing in their communities. 

The recipient of the Chief David Crowchild Memorial Award this year is Alvin Manitopyes and the recipient of the Aboriginal Youth Achievement Award is Jaityn LaBelle.

Alvin is from the Muskowekwan First Nation of Saskatchewan. Alvin is a prominent leader within the Indigenous community, with over 40 years of community involvement and service. He draws on his experiences and knowledge to actively engage other minority communities to educate and raise awareness about Indigenous culture, history, and spirituality.

Jiatyn, or Atokaimakii (Drum woman), is a Grade 12 student at St. Francis High School. She is a member of the Métis Nation of Alberta with her roots in the northern Saskatchewan Métis Cree and Sioux communities. Jaityn is a strong leader who has overcome personal adversity through learning from mentors and strengthening her own community.

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