2021 General Election Summary Report & Calgary Returning Officer submission to Province of Alberta’s Local Authorities Election Act Engagement

Elections Calgary has released the 2021 General Election Summary Report, outlining challenges, service improvements, and lessons learned from the Oct. 18, 2021 General Election.

The General Election Report

The 2021 General Election Summary Report was prepared as part of Election Calgary’s strategy to improve accountability and transparency in Calgary’s election processes.  Calgary’s 2021 General Election was one of the largest elections held in Canada during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Advance Vote saw a record turnout of 141,329 eligible voters casting ballots, an 89 percent increase from 2017. Overall, voter turnout was 46.3 percent, with 393,090 total voters out of an eligible 847,556 voters.

Prior to Election Day, Elections Calgary underwent an independent audit by the City Auditor’s Office to assess election readiness and ensure an effective, safe, and legislatively compliant election. The audit addressed issues such as ballot supplies, voting station selection, recruitment and training of election staff, communication, tabulator testing, and end-of-night procedures.

“Our goal was to run a legislatively compliant, accessible and safe election,” said City of Calgary Returning Officer Kate Martin. The audit was supplemented by surveys and feedback on the voter experience, communications, public input on 311, and prompt reporting of election results.

The 2021 General Election report focuses on how Elections Calgary prepared for and delivered the 2021 General Election, including:

·       Legislative changes

·       COVID-19 pandemic response and safety

·       Accessibility in voting stations

·       Diversity, equity, and inclusion

·       Communications

·       Ward Boundary changes

·       Data driven decision making

·       Improved access to voting opportunities

Returning Officer’s Submission to Province of Alberta’s Local Authorities Election Act (LAEA) Engagement

The City’s Returning Officer has also released its submission to the Province of Alberta’s LAEA engagement.

The Province’s Local Authorities Election Act (LAEA) governs elections, by-elections, and vote of the electors on questions or bylaws directed by Council. The submission is prepared from the perspective of Returning Officer accountable for independent and impartial administrative duties in the LAEA.

The Province of Alberta began consultation with municipalities, school boards and returning officers to receive their feedback by July 11, 2022.



About Elections Calgary

Elections Calgary is a division of the City’s Clerks Office responsible for independently and impartially administering general elections and by-elections for The City of Calgary offices of mayor and councillors, and the trustees of the Calgary Board of Education and Calgary Roman Catholic Separate School Division.