2019 Accessibility Awards winners announced

The City of Calgary is pleased to announce the winners of the 2019 Accessibility Awards.

The awards, presented Monday, December 16 in Council Chambers, honour individuals and groups whose work has improved the quality of life for persons with disabilities by creating a community with fewer barriers.

The Advocacy Award recognizes a person or a group of people who have improved the quality of life of people with disabilities. The winner this year is Carl Rideout, the landlord for March of Dimes Canada office space here in Calgary. As an advocate for accessible buildings, Rideout installed a wheelchair ramp to the office building and an automatic door opener. He has also built two fully accessible washrooms in the March of Dimes office, improving the space for people of all abilities.

The Access Recognition Universal Design Award acknowledges a recipient for improving access for people with disabilities in Calgary. The award for 2019 is being presented to Calgary Parks for the construction of the Confederation Park Lagoon viewing deck. The Lagoon has always been a natural spot for people to stop and take in nature, but it hasn’t always been accessible. Calgary Parks redesigned the lagoon viewing deck to include a ramp making the space easier to access. Local Lions Clubs also contributed greatly to this project by fundraising for the deck and native plants, and by planting all of the surrounding greenery.

The Transportation Opportunities Award goes to a person whose work goes above and beyond to create a more inclusive, customer-focused public transportation service. The winner is Patrick Sweet, a Safety Codes Officer in the Development Approvals and Building Safety Division in Calgary Building Services. Sweet has been a leader in the development of Access Design Standards. These standards apply to all City-owned and operated buildings, and is The City’s rule book for the universal design of buildings. These standards allow citizens of all abilities to better access LRT stations, pedestrian bridges, cycle tracks and pathways.

The Accessibility Awards are presented by the Advisory Committee on Accessibility, a group of committed individuals who advise Council and Administration on how to make Calgary a more inclusive place for people living with disabilities. They have been designed by an artist with In-Definite Arts, an organization supporting individuals with disabilities. For more information about the Accessibility Awards, please click here.