100th Municipal Heritage Resource: Celebrating our history

In September we will reach the milestone of designating our 100th Municipal Heritage Resource. In celebration of this achievement, we are inviting Calgarians to join us for an online scavenger hunt from Aug. 17 until Sept. 2 to explore our city’s heritage. Participation in the scavenger hunt will enter you (and three friends!) into a random draw to win one of four heritage walking tours led by Heritage Calgary. 

This week, we started sharing clues on Facebook and Twitter as we explore a variety of heritage sites in the city. Keep in mind that Calgary’s Municipal Heritage Resources include not only buildings, but also cultural landscapes such as parks and gardens. “Conserving a diversity of heritage resources is important in helping us tell the story of Calgary,” says Kimberly Haskell, a Planner with The City of Calgary. “Calgary is a city with a diversity of cultures, landscapes and stories, so representing them in the Inventory preserves them for future generations to experience.” British American Oil Company Refinery

Heritage resources create a sense of place and identity as our city develops through time. The City of Calgary, Heritage Calgary, and property owners work together to conserve historically important buildings and places. This is achieved by identifying and researching sites, then adding them to the Inventory of Evaluated Historic Resources. It’s important for us to conserve heritage resources so that future generations can experience Calgary’s past in person and through the Inventory.

Once a property is added to the Inventory, the owner can have it designated as a Municipal Heritage Resource. Designation protects the resource from demolition or significant alteration to its heritage elements. This is done to preserve it for future generations. “We believe heritage is a dynamic process by which identity is experienced, interpreted, and represented,” said Josh Traptow, Executive Director of Heritage Calgary. “Heritage conservation has far-reaching social and economic effects, such as area revitalization and job creation. The preservation of heritage resources is to the greater benefit of Calgarians.”

Follow the clues and use the Inventory to identify the correct heritage site. You may even recognize some of the parks and buildings in your neighbourhood! To learn more about how to participate in the online scavenger hunt please see the terms and conditions on