The City recognizes Emergency Preparedness week with resources and activities

Emergency Preparedness Week is an annual event that takes place across Canada during the first week of May, to encourage people to become better prepared for the range of disasters and emergencies they could face.

“May to September is the time of year we can see extreme spring and summer weather events in our city, including: summer storms, flooding, hail, and extreme heat” says Chief Sue Henry of the Calgary Emergency Management Agency. “Every emergency is different but having a plan will help you and your family know what to do and who to contact in different situations.”

Because many of our local risks are connected to severe weather events, this year’s focus will be on meteorology. Calgarians are encouraged to follow The City of Calgary’s social media channels to learn about common hazards in Calgary, how to prepare, and how to involve the whole family in fun activities that build resilience to emergencies and disasters.

Families can learn more about local weather phenomena by making a do-it-yourself weather station. A Junior Weather Forecasters guide, resource links, pre-recorded webinar with Environment and Climate Change Canada, and weather observation sheets are all available online at Families are encouraged to take photos or videos of themselves forecasting the weather with their newly built weather stations. Videos can be shared with us by tagging @CityofCalgary, or by sending a YouTube link to

Additional activities will be announced each day of Emergency Preparedness Week:

·       Tuesday, May 3: Emergency Preparedness BINGO cards will be launched on City social media channels or for download from All those who submit their winning cards to by May 9 will be entered to win a prize pack featuring preparedness items for your car or home. Each square on the card raises awareness about an activity families can take to be prepared, such as building an Emergency Action Plan.

·       Tuesday, May 3 and Wednesday, May 4: CEMA and Canada Task Force 2 representatives will be at TELUS Spark Science Centre to chat with visitors about emergency preparedness and highlight our partnership in the “Rescue” exhibit. Canada Task Force 2 (CANTF-2) team and their dogs will showcase the urban rescue capabilities of this team. The team will also be introducing their newest rescue dog Peggy.

·       Wednesday, May 4: A pet preparedness guide will be shared, focusing on what pets may need if asked to evacuate or shelter-in-place during an emergency or disaster.

·       Thursday, May 5: An emergency vehicle kit and vehicle readiness toolkit will be shared. Download a checklist for what to keep in your vehicle, how to keep your vehicle ready and what to do during an emergency. 

·       Friday, May 6: The City will promote our online course Ready Squad, targeted at kids aged 7-12. Adults will also be encouraged to learn about disaster risks in our city using the Disaster Risk Explorer and other resources available online.

Calgarians can visit, to access and download all the resources, guides, and activities.