The City of Calgary launches its Anti-Racism Strategic Plan

The City of Calgary has recently launched its Anti-Racism Strategic Plan, Dismantling Systemic Racism, Transforming Lives: The City of Calgary Anti-Racism Strategic Plan 2023-2027. This strategic plan results from engagements with employees and community members over several months. The plan is designed to guide The City to ensure that all Calgarians, including Indigenous, Black, and diverse Racialized Peoples have equitable access to services and programs and City employees can thrive within the organization.

The Anti-Racism Strategic Plan has five focus areas to create a racially-just Calgary. The full documents can be downloaded on

"The actions that we will be focused on implementing over the next four years are based on crucial anti-racism principles that must be included in all events, experiences, and touchpoints from the start of planning The City's programs, services, and policies," says Dr. Linda Kongnetiman, managing lead of the Anti-Racism Program. "The aim is to use transformative, intentional anti-racism strategies and measure the success of those efforts."

"Our commitment to this work is unwavering," remarked City Manager David Duckworth. "This plan forms part of a series of measures we have been implementing to address equity, inclusion and belonging. I look forward to the day when we can all say that The City of Calgary is an anti-racist organization - where systemic racism and discrimination are no longer barriers to individuals' or communities' safety, access to resources and opportunities, or positive life outcomes."

From May 10 – 20, there will be an anti-racist public art display in the municipal plaza which  will feature  focus areas of the strategic plan, community anti-racism champions who have been doing this work over the years, and art from students across Calgary depicting their vision of anti-racism.

"The launch of the Comprehensive Anti-Racism Strategic Plan and action strategies mark a significant step towards creating a more inclusive and equitable community for all residents of Calgary," says Mayor Jyoti Gondek. "It demonstrates The City's commitment to eliminating racism and ensuring everyone has access to the same opportunities, regardless of race or ethnicity. This plan will be a roadmap for The City to make positive changes toward a more inclusive and equitable future." 

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