Temporary court injunction addresses protest disturbances: City and police ask all protestors to stay away from Beltline and 17th Avenue area

An Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench Justice has granted The City of Calgary a temporary injunction that will help to address protests in the Beltline and elsewhere in Calgary. Once a copy of the filed Order is received, it will be posted on The injunction prohibits ongoing violations of existing bylaws and legislation, and both reinforces and clarifies enforcement authority. This provides further support to law enforcement officials in the execution of their duties.

“We fully support the right to peaceful protest, but we understand the toll these ongoing protests have taken on the residents and businesses in this area,” said David Duckworth, City Manager.

The City sought this injunction due to the compounding impact of the long-term community disruption, increase in escalating behaviour and clear intention of participants to continue these activities. While the majority of public health restrictions have been lifted, protests continue and conflict has intensified, causing concern for City officials and police.

“The successful application to this injunction is excellent news for our community. This is the exact tool we needed as we all work together to return a sense of normalcy to the Beltline community”, said Calgary Police Service Chief Mark Neufeld.

Participants have not followed established processes to secure permits for these ongoing events. Permits are important as they ensure that necessary measures are in place to address public safety and security, protection of public spaces and infrastructure, waste and recycling concerns, and noise and traffic control.

The injunction is in effect immediately and will remain in place until a permanent injunction application is heard by the Court. Community protests and events can still occur provided event organizers comply with City bylaw requirements and secure the applicable permits. For more information on how to apply for permits and plan events, visit 

With awareness of multiple protests planned in the Beltline for this weekend, City officials and Calgary Police Service urge all citizens to reconsider participating in any unpermitted events. The City will continue to support Calgary Police Service as they address these activities.

Relevant bylaws and legislation include the Community Standards Bylaw, Calgary Traffic Bylaw, Parks and Pathways Bylaw, Traffic Safety Act and Criminal Code.  Collectively, these Bylaws and legislation regulate activities and behaviours affecting the safety and security of residents, peace and enjoyment of neighbourhoods, and movement of goods and people.

See injunction order here: