Calgary, AB,

Summer 2021 Crime Prevention Initiatives

As we enter summer, Calgarians will be spending more time outdoors doing activities such as gardening, biking, camping and kayaking. The warm weather can bring opportunities for crime and criminals to take advantage of citizens. With tips from the Calgary Police Service, we hope citizens will remain vigilant during the summer months and help prevent themselves from becoming a victim of property theft.

Property theft can occur anytime during the day or night and we want Calgarians to be mindful of protecting their property. This season take extra care when storing your belongings:

  • Sports and recreation equipment – kayaks, paddle boards, etc.
  • Bicycles and bike trailers
  • Outdoor gear – camping goods, fishing supplies, etc.
  • Electronic devices and smart phones

“When people are gardening or mowing the lawn, they often leave doors to their home, shed or garage unlocked. This can create opportunities for thieves to enter your property and take personal belongings,” says Sgt. Nick Wilsher of the CPS Crime Prevention Team.

“Bikes, outdoor gear and recreation equipment should be stored safely after a fun day in the sun. The same applies for children’s outdoor toys and bikes. We want to remind Calgarians to put equipment and toys away when the kids go to bed for the night. This is aligned with the 9 p.m. Routine to ensure people are diligent in checking their house, garage and vehicles each night.”

Summer safety tips

  • Protect your property by locking up bikes, outdoor gear, sports and recreation equipment, and children’s toys when not in use.
  • Store belongings in a garage or shed when possible
  • Secure goods in the backyard and on balconies
  • Ensure storage lockers in underground parkades are secure
  • Register your bike with Bike Index, a free online program to aide in returning stolen bikes to their rightful owners.
  • If you are enjoying personal outdoor areas, such as backyards and gardens, lock up your house, garage, shed and vehicle while unattended.
  • Never leave valuables in your car, even when locked.
  • Every night follow the 9 p.m. Routine. Before you head to bed, check your house to ensure windows, doors, garages, sheds and vehicles are locked.
  • If you leave for an extended period, ensure your home is secure.
  • Leave indoor and outdoor lights on a timer
  • Have a neighbour collect mail and packages
  • Arrange for a neighbour to take care of your yard
  • Watch out for one another. Be vigilant in your neighbourhood, if you see something suspicious, say something.
  • When making purchases and sales from online classified sites, do transactions in a public place such as our District Office parking lots.

We encourage anyone who has been a victim of theft to report the incident to police so that evidence can be gathered and investigated in a timely manner. Crimes can be reported online, by calling the police non-emergency number at 403-266-1234, or by calling 9-1-1 for a crime in progress.