PSA: City encourages residents to have a waterwise summer

While summer kicked off with a bit of a cool and wet start, we also know Calgary’s weather can be unpredictable and quickly turn into weeks of hot and dry conditions. 

With many Calgarians out in yards and tending to their gardens, The City of Calgary is reminding them that it’s always a good idea to use our precious water resources wisely and are offering their top tips to help keep your yard looking healthy, while making the most of water they do use and possibly saving you some time along the way.

Before turning on the hose, check the weather forecast first. If rain is expected in the next few days, skip watering and let Mother Nature take care of that job for you. You can also reduce your watering needs by keeping your lawn three inches high and leaving the clippings on the lawn. The short clippings will quickly break down, returning valuable nutrients to the soil, while the taller grass shades the soil, requiring less water. Adding bark, wood or mulch to gardens beds will also protect your garden beds from the sun and reduce evaporation from the soil.

If it’s been hot and your garden or lawn needs to be watered, be sure to water when it’s coolest, in the early morning – before 7 a.m. or later in the evening to avoid losing water to evaporation. And where you can, water low and slow. This means using a soaker hose, watering can or drip irrigation to direct water closer to the base of the plant in your garden to encourage deeper and stronger root growth while reducing water loss.

For more tips, visit for information on how to create a water efficient yard including Watering 101 for plants, shrubs and trees, lawn care and irrigation systems.