Calgary, AB,

Police reallocating officers to the frontline

In response to our ever-increasing population and ongoing policing challenges, the Calgary Police Service will be reallocating 48 positions to support the frontline. This initiative will make a significant impact toward meeting the expectations of the public and addressing concerns about inequities in workloads across all districts. Ultimately, these reallocations will mean more officers on the street.

After careful review and consideration, positions will be moved from a number of existing units within the Calgary Police Service. As part of this review, a decision was made to close the Brae Centre and Riverbend Community Stations in District 6, effective May 6, 2016, in order to bring the officer positions to support the frontline into the district offices. The Service is working with volunteers currently at these locations to find other volunteer opportunities.

As a result of these changes, the 48 positions have been reallocated as follows:

  • Twenty positions will move to District 2;
  • Twenty positions will move to District 3;
  • Four positions will move to District 4; and
  • Four positions will move to District 5.

The allocation of members took into consideration the number of calls for service per officer as well as overall number of calls for service in each District. The repurposing of the positions will address workload inequities across the Service, without conducting a district realignment.

Members will be redeployed out of their new respective district offices starting May 8, 2016. Any remaining vacancies will be filled by the recruit classes that will graduate in May and July 2016.