Calgary, AB,

Calgary Transit may re-engage Telvent to complete CONNECT

Calgary Transit recently met with Telvent, the company originally contracted to implement its electronic fare collection system (CONNECT). During the meeting, the option to re-engage Telvent was discussed.

Telvent was contracted to deliver an electronic fare collection (EFC) system to Calgarians in 2010.  Unfortunately, late in 2012, problems arose that prevented the project from being completed. Following the cancellation of the contract, Telvent continued to work on the system for several months at its own risk and expense.   

“We had a look at this work and feel it has the potential to provide a solution that’s right for Calgary,” said Doug Morgan, Director of Calgary Transit. “We’re committed to implementing an electronic fare collection (EFC) system for our customers and want to ensure we consider all options. The Telvent option would cost tax payers millions less and be implemented about two years earlier.”

Since the cancellation of the contract with Telvent, Calgary Transit has extensively investigated and evaluated other EFC systems across North America. This work included the development of specifications for a new system that would have greater functionality than the previously procured. However, this new system would come at a significant cost and take time to implement. To support this, Calgary Transit included a funding request for $11 million in the 2014 budget adjustments.

In light of the potential cost and time savings, and to ensure every possible option is evaluated, The City has agreed to work with Telvent to determine if terms can be met for a new contract. These terms must be agreed upon by December 15, 2013. The discussions also included a commitment from Telvent that final development will follow a strict schedule and that enhanced expertise would be provided to meet the needs of The City.

Should The City fail to come to terms with Telvent, Calgary Transit will ask City Council for additional funding to develop a next generation system with another company.