Calgary, AB,

Calgary taxi driver’s licence suspended for discriminatory behaviour

On July 4, 2015, Livery Transport Services received a complaint alleging discriminatory behaviour by licensed taxi driver, Stephen Eze, toward two male passengers. As a result of the investigation, including the review of the cab’s video, Eze’s licence has been suspended until August 5, 2015.

“Calgarians and visitors alike should feel safe when traveling in Calgary by taxi,” says Mario Henriques, chief livery inspector. “Under The City of Calgary Livery Transport Bylaw, section 85, every driver while operating a taxi, must be professional and courteous. And in this situation our investigation has shown the driver’s actions were neither professional nor courteous.”

Once the suspension has been served, Eze will appear in front of a Licence Review Hearing who will determine the future status of his licence. Potential outcomes of the hearing include additional suspension time, training related to diversity sensitivity and human rights, or a revocation of his licence.

Taxi drivers provide a transportation service that includes serving each and every passenger safely and respectfully. The City of Calgary enforces and upholds the Livery Services Bylaw to ensure public safety, service quality and consumer protection for the taxi and limousine industry and the public. The City of Calgary also values diversity and believes that individual expression of lifestyle, culture, and beliefs is vital to our community.

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