Let’s talk parking. City Council approves new parking permit type

Eligible residents living in large multi-residential buildings (four storeys or more in height or with more than 20 dwelling units) will be able to purchase a new type of permit  - called a market permit -  allowing them to park in a residential parking zone (RPZ) within 150 metres of their address. Council approved the market permit on Tuesday, Sept. 13; the permit is expected to be available towards the end of 2022. 

Parking is about more than providing spaces to park vehicles. Managing the availability and cost of parking spaces encourages people to consider other transportation options while balancing the need for providing convenient parking options for people who need to drive.

We want to encourage off-street parking as the primary choice for residents living in residential parking zones,” says Interim General Manager for the Calgary Parking Authority Chris Blaschuk. “And at the same time, we recognize there are unique circumstances. Residents living in large multi-residential buildings may require specific parking needs that cannot otherwise be accommodated off-street. The introduction of the market permit will provide these residents with an option.”

The proposed pricing for the market permit is comparable to surrounding off-street parking options and will be presented to Council as part of the 2023-2026 Business Plan and Budget for approval in November. A subsidized rate is also being explored with Fair Entry for low income Calgarians.

As with all street parking in Calgary, managing parking demand is the primary goal, not to generate revenue. Operating costs have not historically been covered by the revenue generated by the residential parking program. The fees collected from this program will help address these costs.

The market permit is intended to allow permit holders to park more conveniently in areas of the city where there is a high demand for non-resident parking. “The recent policy changes to street parking around large multi-residential buildings will largely benefit residents with greater availability of short-term parking for loading, deliveries and for visitors,” says Peter Oliver, President of the Beltline Neighbourhoods Association.

Parking impacts how all citizens live, work and play in our city, and is an important part of the overall transportation system. A well-designed parking system that manages available street space effectively will improve traffic flow and enhance street conditions whether you walk, wheel, drive, or take transit.

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To balance the changing parking needs of residents, visitors, businesses, and neighborhoods, The City approved the new Residential Parking Policy in January 2021. As part of the change, residents living in large multi-residential buildings (four storeys or more in height or with more than 20 dwelling units) are no longer eligible for current residential parking permits. The new market permit provides residents with a parking option.

This fall, notifications will be sent to affected permit holders who are no longer eligible for permits to remind them of their inability to renew after 2022. Permit holders will also get a notification 60 days prior to their current permit expiring. Information about other parking options will be included.