Keeping City priorities top of mind through YYC Matters

The City of Calgary launched today, an online platform that aims to keep the city’s priorities top of mind during the fall federal election campaign.

YYC Matters makes it easy for Calgarians to learn what the political parties will do to support Calgary. Each political party has been asked a series of questions regarding key City priorities that will help support Calgary’s economic transformation while also supporting Calgarians through the recovery.

This advocacy campaign serves two purposes, says City Manager David Duckworth. “First, it is a research tool to help Calgarians see what the political parties have planned for our city. Second, it is an accountability tool, so whichever party leads Canada after the election will be on the record about their commitments.”

Calgary has long been the economic engine of the Canada and YYC matters in the federal election. In 2019, Calgary contributed $126 billion to Canada’s economic value. For Calgary’s growth to continue – and it must continue – we need the federal government to provide new tools, supports and investments in key areas.

The City is committed to working with whichever party wins the election to make life better for Calgarians. The City is asking Calgarians to keep City priorities top of mind when candidates come knocking at your door and before voting in the election.

Please let candidates know that it is time to give back to Calgary through:

  • Efforts to support our Downtown recovery
  • Increasing direct funding to municipalities for infrastructure
  • Funding for Affordable Housing
  • Operational support for Transit
  • Supports for mental health and addictions
  • Investing in the Foothills Fieldhouse

“When the candidates come to your door, I encourage you to ask them ‘What is your plan for Calgary?’” says Duckworth.

Visit to learn more about the priority areas, questions asked and check back after Sept. 9 to see how each party responded.