Investing in Calgary's infrastructure

Every morning, as Calgarians start their daily routines, they may not be aware of all the ways The City is right there with them, providing the critical infrastructure that keeps Calgarians safe, healthy and on the move.

Whether it’s planning safe travel routes so you can ride your bike to school, meeting up with friends for a walk in your local park, or staying active at a recreation centre we continue our commitment to making life better for Calgarians. In 2023, we are excited to be working with our industry partners to invest more than $470 million into new capital infrastructure along with ongoing work we are continuing from last year.

Encouraging active, healthy lifestyles

This year, we are continuing our conversations with community members around a new park space for Richmond Green and exploring open spaces for Medicine Hill and Seton. Improvements to existing recreation facilities like the Foothills Running Track Renewal and Field Redevelopment at the Glenmore Athletic Park will provide our community partners with updated facilities to host future sporting events.

Connecting communities

However you choose to get around, we will be bringing community members closer together through our ongoing Neighbourhood Streets projects that will provide more safety and comfort for those driving, walking and wheeling through their community. Calgarians can expect to see ongoing work for Main Streets projects that, when completed, will provide vibrant urban spaces where community members can live, work and play. A new pedestrian bridge will start to take shape this year that will cross over 16 Avenue N.W., providing Calgarians with a link to the Crosstown Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) network and access to the future UXBorough development and Foothills Medical Centre. The North Central Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) improvements will start construction this year, which will eventually tie into the future Green Line LRT and provide improved connections between north-central communities.

Investing in our downtown 

Working closely with our City partners, we’re all-in on revitalizing some of Calgary’s most iconic downtown spaces into destinations that connect Calgarians and visitors, support downtown businesses, and contribute to thriving, safe downtown communities. Downtown is the face and place of Calgary’s future and we’ll be building the public spaces and gathering places of our city centre. This year, we’ll reveal the new design for Stephen Avenue and start to prepare for building an exciting future for downtown’s iconic main street. We’ll also be developing a new design for a renewed 8 Street S.W. and start the process to redesign 1 Street S.E., from the Bow River to the Beltline.  

Keeping Calgarians safe

Ten years on from the devastating flood event Calgary experienced in 2013, we continue our commitment to public safety infrastructure that will help protect communities from extreme weather events. Communities across Calgary will see a variety of smaller projects aimed at improving drainage after heavy rain, as well as larger projects like the Sunnyside Flood Barrier and Downtown Flood Barrier that will protect entire communities from future flood events. Our commitment to Calgarians also extends to the repair of several bridges that will begin construction this Spring.