Calgary, AB,

Hawk celebrates work milestone and welcomes fellow Canine Member Calibri

Pictured above from left to right; Laura, Margaret and Miranda of Pacific Assistance Dogs Society (PADS), Cst. Steve Hill, Calgary Police Service, and Calibri, Justice Facility Dog, Calgary Police Service

Justice Facility Dog and sworn member Hawk, celebrates his five-year work anniversary as a Calgary Police Service member. Hawk joined CPS in October 2013 as a Justice Facility Dog, formerly known as a trauma dog, with the goal of assisting people and children who had experienced traumatic, criminal events. Hawk’s role on the Victim Assistance Support Team is to support victims of crime in situations that can sometimes be overwhelming or intimidating, especially for young victims, such as speaking to investigators and testifying in a courtroom setting.

At the time Hawk joined CPS, he was one of only three Justice Facility Dogs used by police agencies in Canada. Today there are a total of 38 Justice Facility Dogs used by Canadian police agencies and Hawk has helped to pave the way for these specialized service dogs to support victims and witnesses.

As Hawk’s profile has grown, and awareness of his abilities has broadened, demand for his services has increased. In the past five years, Hawk attended more than 328 interviews, events and trials to support victims of crime and aided CPS investigators with countless investigations.

Hawk has been requested in excess of 400 unique times, however due to conflicting events and schedules, not all requests could be filled. This led CPS to Calibri, our new Justice Facility Dog and service member, who also comes to us from Pacific Assistance Dogs Society (PADS).

“Hawk has proved to be an invaluable, working member of the Calgary Police Service and the Victim Assistance Support Team (VAST). VAST’s goal is to reduce the impact victims may experience from a crime or tragedy and Hawk embodies this objective every day,” said Cst. Steve Hill, Calgary Police Service, Victim Assistance Support Team. “We are excited to welcome Calibri to our team and we’re sure she will be an incredible asset.”

Both Hawk and Calibri come to the Calgary Police Service from the Pacific Assistance Dogs Society (PADS). PADS is a non-profit organization, based in Burnaby, BC and Calgary, AB, that breeds, raises, trains and provides assistance dogs to people living with physical disabilities and Accredited Facility Dogs to work with professionals in therapeutic and educational capacities. PADS provides their dogs at no cost to the client and supports them throughout their working career. PADS has been providing these exceptional dogs for over 30 years.

Many people have benefited from the services of Hawk, including children and youth who are involved in the youth-based programs that the Calgary Police Foundation (CPF) funds in partnership with CPS.

“We give children a voice,” said Marla Cohen, Executive Director of the Calgary Police Foundation. “Through our pillars of education, prevention, and early intervention, the Foundation helps youth at critical times in their lives – and on many occasions these youth benefit from their friendship with Hawk. We see firsthand the difference Hawk makes in their young lives and are thrilled to see Calibri joining the team.”

Once again, we would like to congratulate Hawk on his milestone work anniversary and give Calibri a warm welcome to the Calgary Police Service.