Guidebook for Great Communities – building on citizen feedback and their passion for great communities

Calgarians – the people who bring life to their communities – play an important role to ensure their communities stay strong through our economic recovery and thrive well into the future.

March 22’s three-day public hearing of Council was the culmination of years of public engagement to help build the Guidebook for Great Communities – Calgary’s proposed guide to successfully plan and strategically grow our communities and city.

Through the public hearing, more than 130 citizens provided their feedback on the Guidebook.

“We heard loud and clear from those citizens who have been involved with creating the Guidebook and those interested in learning more,” reflected Teresa Goldstein, Manager in Community Planning. “I just want to acknowledge and thank everyone for their time and their passion for their communities. It’s exciting to see this level of interest and enthusiasm for Calgary’s future.”

As part of Council’s direction, the Guidebook team will take the next month to summarize the feedback received through both the public hearing and the written submissions. They will compile a What We Heard Report, which will reflect the many themes discussed at the public hearing and report back to the Standing Policy Committee on Planning and Urban Development on May 5, 2021. The Report will also demonstrate how the Guidebook addresses those themes, as well as provide options for changes to the Guidebook in response to the discussion this past week and input received prior to the public hearing.

“This week’s public hearing is very much part of the public engagement process,” acknowledged Goldstein. “These considerations came from our Council members and their constituents. We all want what’s best for Calgary communities and this exercise will only make the Guidebook better for Calgary.”

Council direction

Council formally directed Administration to report back to the Standing Policy Committee on Planning and Urban Development on May 5, 2021, with a What We Heard Report. It will be based on the Guidebook for Great Communities Public Hearing, held on March 22-24. This direction includes proposing recommended amendments to the Guidebook for Council consideration, engaging with stakeholders as needed, including public participation at the committee meeting. Administration will also consider whether the Guidebook should be adopted as policy rather than a statutory document and the implications of this approach.