Glenmore Dam improvements and recreation impacts

The Glenmore Dam has been a key part of Calgary's water infrastructure system since the early 1930's. The wear and tear the dam has experienced over 85 years of service, and the ever increasing demands of a growing city, including flood mitigation needs, mean the time has come for an extensive upgrade.

Work includes a new bridge deck with better access for pedestrians and cyclists to the pathway, concrete work on the face of the dam, and a new steel gate and hoist system. The new gate system will provide greater flexibility to manage reservoir storage during low flows in the winter and high flows in the spring. Additional long-term benefits of this work include extending the life of the dam and managing Calgary’s drinking water supply.

To accomplish this work, reservoir water levels need to be lowered to access certain parts of the dam. This will impact the 2018 reservoir recreation season as low water levels provide a safety hazard to larger, trailer-launched boats.

“It’s essential for the City to act to secure Calgary’s water supply and protect our communities during flood events,” says Ward 11 Councillor Jeromy Farkas. “This important work is also being completed to ensure the safe and continued recreational enjoyment for all Calgarians for generations to come.”

The City has developed a plan to permit modified recreational usage this season. Canoes, kayaks, rowing shells and hand launched sailboats can recreate as normal this season.

“The City realizes the importance of this work and the impact it will have on recreational activities on the reservoir this year,” says James McLaughlin, Recreation Director. “We ask citizens for patience and understanding while this important work on the Glenmore Dam is being completed.”

Although trailer-launched boats will not be able to sail on the lowered water levels, The City will offer free boat stall parking for 2018 to all currently-enrolled sailboats. In addition, The City will maintain renewal rights and priority status for all existing boat stall users.

Please see a list of recreational use changes at Glenmore Reservoir for 2018:

  • The South Glenmore Boat Launch will be closed to all boats.
  • The Heritage Park Boat Launch will be open for the 2018 season to all canoes, kayaks and hand launched craft. No trailer-launched boats can be launched from this site in the 2018 season.
  • The Canoe & Rowing Club Dock is open for all hand-launched boats.
  • An alternate boat launch will be available to service programming and classes only. See registration information for details.
  • The S.S. Moyie will not run at Heritage Park in 2018.
  • Nearly all City of Calgary registered sailing and boating programs – including Glenmore Sailing School – will operate as scheduled this season. Please check for more details. Any impacted registrants will be notified.

For more information please visit 2018 Glenmore Reservoir Recreational Changes.

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