Calgary, AB,

Garland Trial - Family Statement #2

This is a statement on behalf of the families of Alvin and Kathryn Liknes and Nathan O’Brien.

Once again, we are providing a written statement as we are not planning to field any questions upon the conclusion of the trial. We do not know if we will be available for interviews at the time of verdict. Please respect our wishes for privacy; we will come to you if we wish to comment.

“The last five weeks have taken a heavy toll on us. It has been unbearable for our family and friends to endure the gruesome details that have been presented throughout the trial.

We know this has also been hard on the members of the jury and we thank them for their service.

Nothing will bring Nathan, Alvin and Kathy back to us, but we can only hope the court will see justice done in their names.

Thank you to everyone who has been there to support us through this process, and to the public for your thoughts and prayers.”