Fairview Arena update

The City of Calgary continues to investigate the Fairview Arena roof collapse that occurred on February 20th. While the site remains closed, The City has found temporary accommodations for the Fairview Women’s Hockey Arena Society and the Indefinite Arts Society.

Arena users, including Fairview Women’s Hockey Arena Society, will be able to use Frank McCool Arena, which will be reopened in April to accommodate these users and recommence programming. Originally planned to reopen in the Summer of 2018, some finishing work on the building will continue at Frank McCool Arena while these groups use the ice.

The Indefinite Arts Society has found a temporary home at the Shane Homes YMCA at Rocky Ridge.

“The City wants to ensure that both organizations are able to continue to provide Calgarians with opportunities to participate in their programs without undue interruption,” says James McLaughlin, “So we are happy to assist with temporary accommodation.”

Currently investigators are doing selective forensic demolition to help determine the cause of the collapse and to ensure safety of the community. This work will be ongoing during the next several weeks. The City wants the investigation to be as thorough as possible so there has been no timeline set for its completion.

After the investigation is complete, The City will begin working with stakeholders to determine the future of the Fairview Arena.