City of Calgary update on response to COVID-19

The City continues maintaining essential services during a state of emergency with orders to prevent the spread of COVID-19. All City services including police, fire, water, transit, water & recycling are continuing and managing well.

Please see below for the latest updates.

Supporting business and local operators

The City of Calgary working with City Councillors, partners and business stakeholders from various industries has created a Business Sector Support Taskforce to monitor, evaluate and manage sustainability and wellness throughout the business community as we weather the COVID-19 storm together. Recently (March 20), the taskforce launched an online resource for businesses to serve as a centralized hub of information to support the business community during these challenging times. As new information is released from the different orders of government, communication via a centralized information hub for businesses can be found at Additionally, the taskforce will communicate business stakeholder challenges, and financial options for support.

Plus 15 Network closures

Similar to restrictions in place for public access to The City of Calgary Municipal Complex, we have adjusted Plus 15 access. Please refer to the Plus 15 map to see which walkways have limited access weekdays from 6 a.m.-6 p.m. The network will be closed on weekends until further notice.

Livery Transport Services

Taxi and limousine driver’s licences expiring in March or April 2020 are being automatically extended. Eligible licensees are being contacted via email with the new expiry date. To support physical distancing, drivers are asked to avoid visiting the LTS office in person. Drivers who also drive for a Transportation Network Company are asked to contact their company regarding the renewal process, which may be available online.

For more information visit

Safety with household cleaning supplies

We are cautioning citizens to avoid trying to make their own cleaning compounds with the hope of finding a “super cleaner.”

If your preferred over-the-counter cleaner isn’t readily available at your store, creating your own version can be very dangerous to you, your family and your home if not done correctly.

When using over-the-counter cleaners, sanitizers or disinfectants, never mix them together.

Always use products as recommended by the manufacturer on the product packaging. Remember, more is not better.

Many household chemicals are not compatible and mixing products together may cause a strong chemical reaction that produces dangerous and harmful gas. Many are flammable including alcohol based hand sanitizer. Serious injury may result from breathing the gas and fumes or being near flame or open heat (even after drying).

When diluting Chlorine bleach, always use clean cool water, be careful not to spill or splash, and always follow specific instructions from a credible source such as:

  • Alberta Health Services
  • Health Canada
  • US Centers for Disease Control
  • World Health Organization

These diluted products may need to be prepared fresh daily as needed.


We are asking homeowners to work with us in avoiding unnecessary repairs to home and City sewer (wastewater) systems by flushing only toilet paper and human waste down toilets. This will allow our crews to focus on the delivery of essential services and maintain social distancing guidelines.

Flushing anything other than human waste and toilet paper down the toilet can clog pipes and create sewer back-ups, which can be costly for both homeowners and The City.

Wipes that claim to be flushable aren’t. After they’re flushed, they don’t break down like toilet paper does. Toilet paper will disintegrate after it’s flushed, but so-called “flushable” wipes retain their shape and strength, causing blockages in pipes.

Facial tissue (Kleenex), serviettes and paper towel cannot be flushed down your toilet. They do not break down as toilet paper does, and lead to clogs and sewer back-ups.

Wipes, paper towel and all other items used as a toilet paper alternatives should be bagged and disposed of in your black cart. They do not belong in your green or blue bins.

There is additional information of what can't go down your sink and toilet.