City of Calgary update on response to COVID-19

The City of Calgary would like to remind citizens that we remain in a State of Local Emergency. This is to support the Province of Alberta’s efforts to combat the spread of COVID-19.

Please see below for the latest updates

Self-isolation measures

Based on the Federal Government’s decision to make self-isolation measures mandatory for all Canadians returning from travel, The City has revoked its prior order for these measures.

“The Federal Government’s order supersedes The City’s prior order for the same measures. We will continue to follow all mandatory self-isolation measures through this order,” says Calgary Emergency Management Agency Chief Tom Sampson.

Calgary Transit introducing physical distancing for bus, CTrain passengers

The City of Calgary is announcing further measures to reinforce physical distancing on Calgary Transit as part of our response to COVID-19.

The health, safety and wellness of our employees and customers is a top priority. During the state of local emergency declared by The City of Calgary, we are limiting seating and standing areas on our buses to promote physical distancing and allow for extra space between customers.

About half the seats on board buses will have signage on them to let customers know which seats are to be left vacant.

“Keeping a safe physical distance is a shared responsibility, and we hope that customers will play a role in helping us keep everyone safe,” says Calgary Emergency Management Agency Chief Tom Sampson.

If the new customer capacity is reached, bus operators will not make any further stops to collect passengers; those unable to board will have to wait for the next bus. With fewer customers during the COVID-19 outbreak, these safety measures are not expected to impact travel times on most bus routes. However, customers who travel at peak times, especially during rush hours, should consider allowing additional travel time. Customers are requested to consider their need to travel.

Safe Elevator Etiquette

When using elevators, please remember to take steps to help stop the spread of COVID-19. This includes:

-Facing the wall inside the elevator

-Limiting the number of people to three in each elevator

-Waiting for the next elevator to avoid crowding

-Avoiding touching your face after pressing the elevator buttons

-Washing or sanitizing your hands after leaving the elevator

Playground and skate park closures

A reminder that all playgrounds and skate parks in Calgary remain closed.

“We understand that these closures are difficult, however our actions now will help prevent the spread of COVID-19,” says Calgary Emergency Management Agency Chief Tom Sampson. We ask that you continue to respect the closures that are in place and do not remove signage from or use these areas,”

If a closure sign has been removed, this does not affect the status of the closure, and citizens must continue to abide by the restrictions that are in place.

Cancellation of City events

To aid in physical distancing measures, all City of Calgary events have been cancelled until April 30.

We will continue to re-evaluate this decision every two weeks going forward.

For more info on event status, visit