City of Calgary sweeps into spring with road cleaning schedule release

As the air warms and the snow melts, The City is switching its focus from snow-clearing to street sweeping. Starting April 1, with the help of Calgarians, our roads will be swept clean of gravel and ready for safer spring and summer activities.

“The success of Spring Clean-up depends on both crews and Calgarians working together to help The City make a “clean sweep” of Calgary,” said Bill Biensch, Manager of Roads Maintenance. “We rely on the co-operation of vehicle owners to observe street cleaning signs and remove their vehicles and garbage or recycling bins when sweeping is scheduled in their neighbourhood. ‘When you see the sign, you know the time.’”

This year, Calgary Parking Authority will be using more photo enforcement vehicles to encourage people to move cars off the road. If vehicles are not moved during a ban, the registered owner can expect to receive a fine.

"Our goal is to have Calgarians move their vehicles so that our streets can be cleaned as effectively as possible,” said Joan Hay, Calgary Parking Authority’s Manager of Enforcement. “Vehicles left in an area with a parking ban in place can expect a ticket and may also be towed."

Residents can expect to see City crews out cleaning residential roads seven days a week and major roads four nights a week. Street sweeping is expected to continue into June, as crews sweep over 16,000 lane km of paved roads throughout the city.

Calgarians who are looking for an idea of when their street is scheduled to be swept can visit for address lookup and e-mail notification. Be advised that schedules can be subject to change.