City of Calgary announces successful respondents for sale of five community mobile skateparks

The City of Calgary is pleased to announce that Academy Skateboard Collective, Cranston Residents Association, Livingston Homeowners Association, Mahogany Homeowners Association and United Youth Outreach (a partnership with The Inside and Cousins Skateboard Community) are the successful respondents to the Notice of Offer for Sale Competition #20-1640 of five community mobile skateparks.

“It was very important to us that that the new owners were willing and able to use the equipment for wheeled sport opportunities”, said Stephanie Won, Calgary Recreation Business and Policy Planner at The City of Calgary. “We’re looking forward to these five non-profit organizations providing affordable and accessible skateboarding, cycling, inline skating and scootering opportunities within their communities.”

A Notice of Offer for Sale for five community mobile skateparks was previously issued on October 28, 2020 and closed on November 30, 2020.

Organizations eligible to participate were registered non-profit organizations and government agencies. Responses were evaluated through an impartial process based on a number of criteria, including social benefit, availability to a variety of users, operational and maintenance plans, programming plans, accessibility, and safety. Preference was given to organizations that would provide programs with social and accessibility benefits in Calgary or within a 20-minute drive from city limits.

“We’re so excited about the potential and future of this ’skatepark-on-wheels’ and what it will mean in reaching new youth and kids in our surrounding communities; youth who have never had access to a skatepark facility before. It’s seriously a dream come true! Thank you to The City of Calgary for an amazing opportunity,” said Zach Creighton, Program Director of The Inside, a program of United Youth Outreach, working in partnership with Cousins Skateboard Community.

The sales were awarded to the highest-evaluated respondents, in accordance with criteria set forth within the Notice of Offer for Sale as publicly posted on the Alberta Purchasing Connection and, the public electronic tendering service used by The City.

 "We really appreciate The City of Calgary putting these skateparks up for tender so that communities like ours are able to continue to provide opportunities for skateboarding, play and being active outdoors. Not only for our community, but for the SE quadrant of Calgary,” said Sally Lockhart, General Manager of the Mahogany Homeowners Association. “We look forward to providing skate opportunities for beginners through to advanced users as we continue to build up the skateboarding community.”

Upon completion of the sale, each organization will own one mobile skatepark and will be responsible for operating and maintaining them.