City crews fill 2,800 potholes during blitz in April

Pesky potholes may seem like a common issue for spring road users. Thankfully, city crews have been working weekdays and weekends to make your commute smoother.

“Crews are hard at work filling more than 5,500 potholes since Jan. 1, that’s 2,000 more than the same period last year,” says Chris Hewitt, Manager of Mobility Maintenance. “We thank Calgarians for helping us spot where road repairs are needed and encourage them to continue reporting them.”

Calgarians can report potholes by visiting or by contacting 311.

“Pothole work is prioritized based on several factors including safety impacts, proximity to other potholes and available resources,” says Hewitt. “The colder weather in mid-February through March impacted ability to effectively repair potholes but our crews have made great progress, filling more than 2,800 potholes in April.”

When crews respond to a pothole, they start by cleaning the edges of the hole, removing debris and making sure the work surface is dry. Crews then apply a sticky tack coat to the hole, fill it with asphalt and a roller will ensure the driving surface is smooth after the asphalt has cooled.

We want to keep Calgarians moving, so some work on major routes is completed overnight to limit disruptions to traffic.  We will continue to respond to potholes throughout the spring and summer, and make infrastructure investments to preserve and the extend the life-cycle of Calgary’s streets.

Note: Deerfoot Trail and Stoney Trail/ Tsuu T’ina Trail (Calgary’s Ring Road) are the responsibility of the provincial government.

Potholes filled