City animal shelter over-capacity with cats, putting significant strain on resources

In June 2018, The City impounded 209 stray or lost cats and kittens on Calgary streets, which is up from 107 in June 2017. Maximum capacity at the City facility is 90 cats, but currently there are 125 cats in the shelter and 35 in foster homes.

To help them find homes, The City is holding a flash sale on adoptable cats and kittens. From July 6th to 15th the price to adopt will be reduced by 50% for all cats, making the cost only $80. The City is also giving away a 1-year licence instead of the usual 6-month licence, for all cats adopted during the sale.

“Animal services has had to re-arrange rooms and cages in the shelter to accommodate all of these cats,” says Patti Smadis, Animal Services Customer Service Representative. “We do not euthanize animals for space, but we want to get these little creatures adopted out as soon as possible. Living at the shelter is stressful for cats and living in overcrowded conditions really amplifies that stress.”

The adoption fee includes that the animal is spayed or neutered, vaccinated, dewormed, licensed and microchipped. Owners receive a 6-week trial of pet insurance, a bag of food, and a behaviour and medical history for the time that the animal was in the shelter.

For more information, and to see cats currently available for adoption, visit

If you’ve lost your cat, call 3-1-1 to report them missing, and visit for pictures of found cats at the shelter. This website is updated every 15 minutes.

Calgarians should do their part to fight cat over population by spaying and neutering their pets.