Calgary’s Animal Services Centre gives animals new lives

Calgary’s Animal Services Centre has Canada's first municipally owned and operated veterinary clinic. Funded mainly by the income collected from pet licences, the veterinary clinic in Calgary’s Animal Services Centre sees an average of 130 surgeries per month – roughly 103 cats and 27 dogs receive some form of surgery per month.  

The animal care team is made of a Veterinarian, Animal Health Technologists, Veterinary Assistants and Animal Behaviour Coordinators. The team cares for strays who come into the shelter by providing rehabilitation services and surgeries like spays, neuters, dental cleanings and extractions, amputations, orthopedic surgeries to repair broken bones, abscess care, eye enucleation and mass removals.

"We are committed to providing the best possible care for every furry friend that comes through our doors.  Every surgery, every rehabilitation and every act of compassion from our dedicated team is a step towards creating new beginnings for animals like Wally", says Kathleen Dickson, Coordinator Animal Care and Clinic Services.

Wally, a recent client of the Animal Services clinic, is a one-and-a-half-year-old border collie cross, who received major femur surgery. When he arrived at the Animal Services Centre as a stray in mid-October, Wally was fearful, and it was apparent he needed medical attention – not only was he emaciated, but he also had a fractured femur. 

Wally's fractured femur compared to his healthy femur. 

Wally when he was first brought to the shelter. 

Dr. Jagjit Cheema and the animal care team at Animal Services have provided some fantastic work preparing Wally for his future. He’s had orthopedic surgery to repair the fractured femur, dental work to repair and remove broken teeth, twice daily physiotherapy to help heal his femur, and he was neutered – all at the Animal Services Centre.

The love and care from the clinic’s team will help Wally recuperate and find his way to a happy home.

Wally cone
Wally on the road to recovery.

For the first couple of days after surgery, Wally required the support of a towel around his abdomen to support his hind end. Dr. Cheema has continued to monitor his recovery but is extremely happy with what he has seen so far. He says Wally looks happy and appreciative. He no longer requires support to explore his surroundings.

Today, Wally isn’t just on his way to recovery, he is thriving and available for adoption, thanks to the extraordinary care from Dr. Cheema and the entire team at Animal Services.

Wally 1
Wally enjoying the holiday weather. 

UPDATE: Wally found his forever home! If you’re interested in meeting any of the animals available for adoption at the Animal Services Centre, please visit

The clinic at the Animal Services Centre is a public service that operates mainly on pet licensing funding and the veterinary team does not provide services for owned pets. We ask that Calgarians respect our limited resources and care for their pets by visiting privately operated vet clinics for their animal’s medical needs.