Calgary Transit prepares for a snowy commute

As Calgary braces for another round of snowfall, Calgary Transit is getting ahead of the weather and preparing through the night to minimize potential delays.

In anticipation of a snowy commute tomorrow, here’s what we’re doing:

·       Snow detours: Beginning with the start of service tomorrow morning (Thursday, Dec. 7), we’ll be activating our snow detour routes. These routes help us steer clear of any potentially tricky spots where buses may get stuck, while maintaining service coverage.

In addition, if it isn’t safe to do so, buses won’t stop on hills to pick up or drop off customers. Bus operators may choose to stop at the top or bottom of the hill instead to avoid unsafe conditions.

This all-or-nothing approach is something new we’re trying out. We understand that some parts of the city might not be as heavily affected by snow, but activating all snow detours in advance will make it easier for you to plan your trip and minimize confusion during snowy weather.

·       Snow clearing at stations: Dedicated crews are hard at work to clear CTrain and MAX platforms, sidewalks, stairs, bus loops, Transitways and parking lots. Our priority is to provide safe and accessible transit facilities for all customers, and we’ll keep at it throughout the snow event.

For tips on how to improve your commute during the cold, winter months, check out our Winter Travel Guide. We encourage all Calgary Transit customers to plan ahead, give themselves extra travel time, and stay connected with us through our communication channels. For the most up-to-date info on service status and updates, head over to or follow us on X (@CalgaryTransit).