Calgary Transit launches 'Ride Ready Stations' to enhance bike and ride experience

Calgary Transit is thrilled to announce the launch of our innovative Ride Ready Stations aimed at empowering commuters to confidently use bike racks on buses. These specially designed practice units will provide customers with an opportunity to familiarize themselves with how to load and unload a bike into a bike rack in a controlled environment, ensuring a smoother bike and ride experience.

As more Calgarians turn to sustainable transportation options, biking and using public transit have become popular choices. However, some riders may feel hesitant about using bike racks on buses due to lack of experience or uncertainty about the process. With the introduction of Ride Ready Stations, Calgary Transit seeks to address these concerns by offering a hands-on learning experience.

 “We want customers to feel ready to hop on a bus with their bike and enjoy the flexibility it offers without any hesitations,” said Amanda Bradley, Communication and Information Lead.

Starting Aug. 9, Ride Ready Stations will be stationed at busy transit locations around the city, beginning with Heritage bus loop. Saddletowne bus loop will be placed in mid-August. In September, they’ll switch locations to Brentwood and McKnight-Westwinds bus loops.

“The goal is to allow as many commuters as possible to take advantage of this valuable opportunity,” said Bradley.

Whether you are an experienced cyclist or new to combining biking with public transit, Ride Ready Stations will help build confidence and familiarly in using Calgary Transit bike racks before venturing on a bus. Happy riding!

Learn more about cycling on Transit options on our website.