Calgary, AB,

Calgary Police Commission statement on Beltline protests

The Calgary Police Commission understands the frustrations of downtown and Beltline residents and businesses who have had protests related to COVID-19 in their neighbourhoods for two years now.

We also understand the concerns about the police tactics used on Saturday. If desired, there is a process outlined on our website for anyone directly involved to report police conduct concerns so the full context of what occurred can be investigated.

These protests are disruptive, divisive and are undermining many residents' ability to enjoy their homes, businesses and community.

We have been in discussions with the Calgary Police Service and City Council to try find a solution that respects people's Charter rights to protest and peacefully assemble, while also stopping the disproportionate impact these protests are having on communities in our city's core.  

This past weekend's events show a clear escalation in the situation that needs to be addressed, and everyone involved will continue working together this week to find a better path forward.

About the Calgary Police Commission

The Calgary Police Commission is a body of 10 community members and two city councillors appointed by City Council to provide independent citizen governance and oversight of the Calgary Police Service on behalf of all Calgarians.

To protect the political neutrality of the police, Alberta’s Police Act requires that the police chief report directly to the Commission and that the Commission give direction to the Service through the chief, police policies, monitoring of the police conduct complaints process, and approval of how the police budget is spent.