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Calgary Police Commission Posts Chief Constable Position Profile

CALGARY – The Calgary Police Commission has posted a position profile that outlines the requirements for Calgary’s next Chief Constable.

Applicants are invited to review the position profile as well as the reports summarizing the extensive engagement activities the Commission conducted about the priorities and qualities necessary for the next Chief to be successful. Feedback from more than 2000 points of contact* gathered through online surveys and direct conversations were considered in the development of the job posting.

“This position profile reflects the values and priorities of citizens and employees,” said Richard Sigurdson, Chair of the Commission’s Search Committee. “Before submitting an application, I would encourage all applicants to review the feedback we received, which is an essential part of understanding the state of policing in Calgary and the expectations of our community.”

Individuals with an interest in further exploring this opportunity should submit an application by December 21, 2018. Applications will then be screened and a shortlist of candidates will be interviewed by the Commission in January. Once the Commission selects a candidate, the decision must go to City Council for ratification before a new Chief Constable is introduced publicly.

A letter to applicants from the Search Committee and engagement summary reports are available on the Commission’s website:

The position profile is available here:

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*Please note: There is likely some overlap between those who filled out the employee survey and public questionnaire and those who had discussions with the Commission or MNP, which means there were 2000+’points of contact’ with the Commission about the next Chief, though not necessarily from 2000 separate individuals.*