Calgarians register their secondary suites in record numbers

The number of legal and safe secondary suites has more than doubled since The City of Calgary made changes to the Suite Registry program in September 2015.

There are now more than 1,000 legal and safe secondary suites in Calgary. That is double the 458 legal suites previously registered since the launch of the Secondary Suite Registry in 2015. This is an increase of 25 per cent since March when Council approved land use district changes and waived the development permit and secondary suite fees.

Homeowners within R-1, R-C1, and R-C1L land use districts can develop a secondary suite without City Council approval, saving months in the applications process. The City has also waived the development permit and secondary suite registry fees until June 1, 2020, saving Calgarians up to $700.

“The number of legal and safe secondary suites has more than doubled since March in part because of the changes made to the Suite Registry program,” said Cliff de Jong, senior special projects officer with The City of Calgary. “We knew Calgarians wanted to ensure their new or existing suites were legal and safe, but needed additional support in doing so. The Suite Registry program provides Calgarians with more rental choices and also offers homeowners a helping hand.”

Applying for a secondary suite is simpler than ever with online services such as live-chat, drawing applications and suite tool available at The suite tool helps homeowners determine their property’s requirements anonymously before applying and provides the application form required for a specific property based on the information provided.

Homeowners can chat with or book City inspectors who are available to qualify suites and help start the process. They can help to explain building code requirements, the simplified Land Use Bylaw rules and application requirements, which include a suite drawing.

"We hope homeowners take advantage of the services and fee reductions and register their suites," said de Jong. "The registry allows Calgarians to verify if a suite meets Alberta's Building codes requirements and has been inspected by The City."  

While The City continues to simplify how Calgarians can qualify their secondary suites in the registry, applying does not guarantee approval. The City continues to offer neighbours and Community Associations input into the process.

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