Calgarians encouraged to participate in public art online engagement and telephone survey

The City of Calgary is seeking Calgarians’ opinions on public art in Calgary. We want to know what Calgarians like about public art and what aspects of the public art selection process can be improved.

Starting today, an online survey is available at, and will be open until April 15th. An independent telephone survey will also be conducted with about 500 citizens in April. Through this research and engagement, The City will gain a better understanding of how Calgarians view public art and what they want to see in the future.

Calgarians will be asked about their feelings on public art, awareness and familiarity with the public art process, location preferences, types of art they would like to see, interest in participating and how they want to hear about public art opportunities.

In 2004 Council implemented the Public Art Policy “to pursue the integration of public art into the cultural fabric of Calgary, recognizing public art as a vital ingredient in Calgary’s ongoing development as a great city.” In September 2017, Council directed Administration to investigate best practices for: fully engaging the public and their feedback. This online engagement and the subsequent telephone survey are part of that investigation. What The City learns from citizens will form part of the recommendations that will go to Council in June.

Prior to this online engagement, The City facilitated in person conversations with local artists and with citizens who had previously participated in the public art process by serving on selection panels. Their experience and knowledge helped shape the questions that are now being put to all Calgarians.

For more information and to take the survey before April 15th, visit